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I'm here because i need to gain some knowledge in the area of internet security , pc & home network, . I have never used any a/v or other security software in the 8 years I've had a pc and not had any problems,viruses,or negative issues that iv'e been aware of until now . I think internet explorer (which I've never used) has been hijacked. my os is Windows 7 home premium (64bit) and connected by fios into gateway. I always use cc cleaner and cc cleaner pro as of last week . then i noticed every time i clean there are many files aand logs being generated by ie , and they look very suspicious to me ( excuse the spelling , now spellcheck is having bugs) I would greatly appreciate any any advice or input from the community , as to if this cc report appears abnormal .


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Welcome to MT @Lumpy333, hope you get the help you need. You have been more than lucky i would say if you have never used AV in 8 years but you are here now and once you get help for your problem please stick around and get some advice from the talented and knowledgeable folks here on how to stay safe online :)
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