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Mar 19, 2021

I was wondering if anyone can help with an issue I'm having on my PC, I am completely stumped.

I noticed on my windows 10 installation (all up to date) on Friday that my internet was not working and the bitdefender icon was missing from the tray , the shortcut on the desktop was still there but had a blank icon , I opened the containing folder and the file was still there but would not open

I managed to get malwarebytes installed and it found 5 infections which it removed and internet started working again

I switched to malwarebytes premium after this , ran another scan to be safe and nothing found , all sorted.....

Until on Tuesday when I noticed the malware bytes icon was now missing from the tray , same thing , shortcut on desktop had a blank icon but file was still in containing folder and would not open

Managed to reinstall it but this time after scanning no viruses or malware was found , downloaded a Kaspersky live CD and scanned every file on every drive, Not 1 infection

At this point I'm freaking out and decided to switch to Linux to be on the safe side, installed latest version of Fedora, only thing I copied over was my Chrome user profile folder

Left my computer unattended for about an hour earlier and when I came back one of the tabs open in chrome was the HSBC banking website!!!

Luckily I don't bank with them but I am completely stressing out now , I have disconnected the internet for the time being and have turned off my router to try and get another IP address

Does anyone have any idea how someone is managing to do this and what I should do?

Sorry for the long winded post

Any help would be greatly appreciated