Level 28
I’m interested in IT and computers because my dad was. Now I’m far more into it than him, just launched off his shoulders I guess.

I’m an accountant by schooling, but my official job title is financial analyst. I do not like accounting or finance anymore, but I do like paying the bills. One day I would like a job in infosec/netsec, or even IT in general. But, if it’s only a hobby I can dream of having the free time to pursue that hobby.


Level 4
I am a student of Mechanical Engineering. I got accepted in university last year. Right now future doesn't seem bright for mechanical students but I hope situation will change. I'm more interested in research than office job. And most important I love my laptop that's why I am here.


Level 2
My redeemer lives. Missing RC and Ravi. Covid sucks. My nieces are visiting and hitting me up for Robux. I'm an avid reader of popular science books. I can't stand Penrose or Harris. Mayr is better than Dawkins and Plomin is right but its problematic (apparently). I'm always trying to break my own programming. I know I can but now I want to know if I should. I wish I could computer like Donald Knuth. I try to keep up with the "girls can (and must) do anything" pressure of modern progressive righteous thought. Danger Close by Amber Smith was great and so was The Gamekeeper by P. Simpson. Still can't throw much of a punch. Oh well.