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Q. 1.There is a Heuristic Scale and Test Whole file box in File shield.
Should I Scale up it to high (from normal) and check the "Test whole File" box, for better protection?

Q 2. There are two tabs in File Shield settings, "Scan when opening" and "Scan when Writing"
Should I tick the Scan All files in both Opening and Writing for better Protection? (It will scan all files that are being opened or written in the system ;) but there will be negative impact that IDC)

Q. 3. Should I tick "All Packers" or go with Default packers.

Q. 4. Should I activate Avast Aggressive Hardened mode because I don't like Voodooshield as it shows its Pro Version Advertisement in every Startup which is too much annoying for me.


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Q1 to Q2 leave it as they are.

Q3 I used to enable zip only (because I only use windows zip), when you have an additional unzip program (like 7zip) it would not hurt to add the most common compressed formats like zip, 7zip and rar

Q4: Avast has a cloud whitelist, unless you install a lot of exotic programs, that cloud whitelist should work fine. Somewhere in 2018 (product manager of Avast told me in an email) hardened mode will be extended to improve protection against worms launched from scripts (so video's of Cruel Sister seem to have been watched in Prague also :) )
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