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Apr 13, 2014
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Hello MT members! I'd greatly appreciate it If anybody would like to help me here, I'm in the situation where I love both Comodo Firewall and ESET Internet Security in terms of protection & customization. Now, I'm thinking about creating a combo between both of them on my system like the following:

Comodo Firewall configuration (based on cruelsister's settings here + Evjl's Rain's tweaks here and here)
//All Enabled except (HIPS and Web Filtering)
HIPS: Disabled based on cruelsister's settings from above.
Web Filtering: Disabled based on Evjl's Rain's tweaks here.

What I need:

Allowing the CFW to do it's job to achieve the maximum security by sandboxing any active malware including Ransomware via the Auto-Containment.

ESET Internet Security configuration (based on viktik's settings here)
//All Enabled except (Firewall)
Firewall: Disabled.
HIPS: Enabled in Smart mode based on davisd's recommendation here.
Antispam: Enabled.

What I need:
Allowing ESET IS to do it's job to achieve the maximum security by taking fully advantage from Internet Security modules like Antispam and Botnet Protection.

Question for All:
Do you think that this combo with above settings would work properly without any protection break? Will they conflict in any way?

Questions for @Evjl's Rain:
1. Could you please let me know how do I whitelist Comodo Firewall folders in ESET IS settings?
2. Do you think that ESET IS in default settings is blocking Comodo Firewall Sandbox from working? if so then which settings/virtualization settings should I disable it to avoid conflict with Comodo Firewall Sandbox? Note: I still remember that you disabled hardware-assisted virtualization in Avast to avoid conflict with Comodo Firewall Sandbox here

Big thanks to the following respected members who served our beloved MT forums by providing us with a useful tutorial, configuration and recommendation...
@cruelsister @Evjl's Rain @viktik @davisd @_CyberGhosT_ (y):)
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