Here’s How Mozilla Thunderbird Is Making a Comeback in 2022


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Apr 24, 2016
Thunderbird has been around since 2003, but it has stalled in recent years due to dwindling interest from Mozilla and limited funds. However, the project is now making a resurgence, and it might be worth your time to try Thunderbird.

Thunderbird is a cross-platform desktop email application, similar to Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail, with excellent support for accounts like Gmail, Outlook/Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail. It also has a built-in calendar and contacts book, which can also synchronize with cloud services (such as Google Calendar), and the app has limited support for live messaging.

The Thunderbird team revealed its plans for version 102 in a blog post earlier this month, with the update expected to arrive by the end of June 2022. The address book will have a refreshed design, with related information divided into cards for easier reading. Thunderbird is also working on a new (optional) ‘Spaces Toolbar’, which acts like a tab bar for all of the app’s features, similar to Outlook on the web. The account setup process and import/export wizard are being revamped, too, and there’s early support for Matrix messaging directly in Thunderbird.

Thunderbird’s developers have also been answering questions and feature requests, though many of the planned improvements won’t show up for many months. Color-coding for emails is expected to arrive in Thunderbird v114, a universal font size setting is in the works, and some icons are being updated. There’s even an Android app in development.


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Feb 26, 2021
Legit question, but how can anyone use any email client that doesn't notify you of new messages all the time. I haven't used Thunderbird in a long time, but to my knowledge it does not do that. In fact, no application does without having to be running. I guess, if you accidently click the close button and not minimize you'll never know you have email? That can be dangerous. Has thunderbird found a way around this, like closing to the tray?

I know that sounds dumb. But the only checker app I know that works like this is Poppeeper. Everything else, even outlook, lets you close it too easily.

@ng4ever, how do you mod thunderbird to behave that way?
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Jul 27, 2015
With most major email/office vendors software it exist workarounds unless one can simply find a built-in setting that for example does " restrict " or delay the client from being closed if that's needed. In a up to date MS business/enterprise environment the options is very available and possible, and it does exist quick and easy tips and trix also for homes users with outlook.

Would be interesting to listen from those that use Thunderbird, if it's even a genuine problem.


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Aug 17, 2014
A common tray icon (for new "unread" messages) is visible only as long Thunderbird still running, for me personally it's no big problem to keep even this software open in Windows taskbar like every browsers. I believe it's the same case for Outlook app from Microsoft Store.



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Jul 3, 2015
Legit question, but how can anyone use any email client that doesn't notify you of new messages all the time. I haven't used Thunderbird in a long time, but to my knowledge it does not do that.
For Windows, there is an addon that will give you unread mail count on the taskbar icon.
There is also a 3rd party app called Birdtray that gives you more customization, it works on Windows and Linux. It's good.
Out-of-the-box, you have an option to receive pop-up (toast) notifications of incoming emails but you won't see an indication of unread mail on the taskbar icon.


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Jun 5, 2020
I still do not see: better search, good calendar with tasks, import from newer outlooks, ...
I will never pay for email program (only hosting) so whatever they will do on that plan...
When they plan to kill 32bit (same question for firefox)? In my company after 2025 we will allow only 32bit in VM. We have cca 60 very old win 7 and few win 8.1/10 32 bit machines left.
I get also feeling that time killed email programs. I use thunderbird only for bussines. All personal stuff is on webmail and phone to check arrival or similar.
Also I see that some thunderbird release and firefox were disaster in past.

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