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Mary Ludolph

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Hi, I am new here. Found your forum after downloading Reimage to fix my slow computer. so I canceled that and joined here to see if I can get my computer running better for free.

I have some computer knowledge.

I do not really like Windows 10 but there was not an option above for Windows 8.

both my PC and laptop are running slow. My laptop indicates that there is not enough virtual memory and crashes a lot.

Albeit I probably need an upgrade on my laptop it seemed to be working fine a few months ago. Except for stuff that I need to download for work like files etc. I do not download much on the laptop.

the kids infuriate me with downloads from playing games so i can understand the desk top running slow.

I have searched Google for fixes but it leaves me feeling confused. I don't know if McAfee is the best but it is what I have. I need to be able to shred files for work so I chose mcafee.

I have tried Kapersky - hated it.

Any way that is my story and how I ended up here. Look forward to gaining knowledge of my pc.


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Hi and welcome to the community! :)

Have fun and enjoy your stay.

A lot of things you need to know in security and technology category.
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