Updates HiBit Uninstaller Thread (changelogs and discussion)


Level 27
May 10, 2019
I disabled my antivirus (F-Secures Safe) to check if its protected folders lock could cause issues to the Junk Files Cleaner: from 138 mb not deleted I went to 15 mb not deleted. It looks like my antivirus is part of the problem on my PC.
F-Secure has caused many issues on my devices. For example it blocked my IceDrive and it prevented iTunes from restoring my iPhone.


Level 1
Sep 1, 2020
I tried the latest version of Hibit Uninstaller and it seems to run good. I also ran one of its tools, the Junk Files Cleaner and I get weird results: if I click on Scan then on Clean, then do it again and again, I always get the same result: it's like nothing is really cleaned. I tried with 2 other cleaners, Privacy Eraser and Kerish Doctor, and they do the job correctly. On the second round, there is nothing left to be cleaned.
After clearing, if you look at the status bar, you will see that some files are not deleted and when you scan again, those files will be displayed again. These files can be deleted by force, but I prefer not to do this so as not to cause problems for other programs.


Level 26
Jul 2, 2014
I haven't tried this software so far, anyone would like to tell me what are the difference in features compared to Revo Uninstaller ?
For comparison table:

For full review: Gizmo's Freeware - Best Free Program Uninstaller