On my PC :

Kaspersky anti-virus(32 bits) Process (I've got Kaspersky Total security)
- Processor : 0.1 % to 0.3 %
- Memory : between 48 and 100 MB (and 149 MB if I run MBAM scan)
- HDD access : between 0 and 0.1%
- Network : 0 %
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Sometimes KIS uses high amount of CPU and RAM because it's doing a Rootkit Scan.
Rootkit Scan starts on it's own.
Since you have high Disk usage it's probably that KIS is scanning something in the background.


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Well.. define normal? Aforementioned, antivirus software usually consume a high level of RAM. Still, Kaspersky (antivirus version) never gave me any problems like it. If this problem has been there since the installation, maybe you'd need to repair the software. If not, check if there's nothing running on the background or if there is any application that may be in conflict with KIS.


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Had the same exact problem on my 8.1 after a patch. Had an old installer which I was lazy to grab from my main gaming system plus playing eve and Diablo and installing kav is a lot of work. 3 hours into monitoring occasionally while multi tasking on another system I finally though to redownload and clean istall. Issues gone:). Then was just a matter of retweaking a few things as it was just doing some stress test with two game clients loading etc.

Needless to say it will return to my w10 installation