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Yes it got 9x as much rules :) with my surfing behavior not much more blocked (and no adblock walls), so fo rme a better list, but mileage may vary depending on surfing behavior. I am now using AVIRA safe surfing (nromal profile) and in my inprivate user profile using Script Blocker for Chrome (blocking third-party and some obviious regex blockrules [.*(ads|log|tag|click|score|track|banner|beacon|affiliate|analyst|audience).*]
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Snowden’s Favorite Ad Blocker Can Now Automatically Detect New Tracking Scripts
But the problem is some scripts are necessary to execute desired functions of a webpage, like playing videos properly. Smart Mode is designed to maximize privacy while not preventing you from experiencing the features of a website. “Smart Blocking first enforces a speed requirement on websites by blocking any trackers that slow a website’s load time beyond five seconds,” Tillman said. Smart Mode also “preemptively unblocks trackers that are at a high-risk of breaking a website if blocked.”

Smart Mode was designed “specifically for novice users that need help deciding what to block and unblock,” Tillman said. “Given that there are thousands of tracking technologies out there, it can be overwhelming trying to customize one’s own blocking settings.”

Browse Smarter with Ghostery 8 - Ghostery
What’s new in Ghostery 8?
  • Enhanced Antitracking
  • Enhanced Adblocking
  • Smart Blocking
  • Simplified Setup
  • Simple View
  • New Default Settings
  • Expanded Detail View
  • Snooze feature for Pause
Ghostery 8 is the first tool in the world that combines the best of blocklist and AI-powered antitracking technologies. Our new Enhanced Antitracking Protection uses a heuristic approach developed by our parent company, Cliqz, to dynamically detect trackers in real-time and overwrite any uniquely identifying data points being passed to a third party, even for trackers that aren’t caught by our traditional blocklist. The combination of these two technologies means that Ghostery provides the most comprehensive privacy protection in the world. To go a step further, Ghostery 8 also includes an Enhanced Adblocker that supplements our tracker blocking with filter lists that are intended to block any ads that would otherwise slip through.

A primary goal we had with Ghostery 8 was to make it easier to use for the average person. To accomplish this, we did four things. First, we simplified the setup so that it’s easier to customize Ghostery. Second, we added a Simple View to our extension so that beginners don’t get overwhelmed by a laundry list of trackers. Third, we added a Smart Blocking feature that automatically blocks and unblocks trackers to speed up websites and minimize page breakage. Finally, Ghostery 8 includes default settings that turn Enhanced Antitracking, Enhanced Adblocking, and Smart Blocking on by default, immediately delivering a cleaner, faster, and safer browsing experience to all users.
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I am using Chrome's settings page to block Javascript by default unless the top level domain is one of the popular ones I listed and HTTPS through port 443.

I also recommend Decentraleyes or Local CDN to prefer your cache for loading frequently used content, scripts etc.
Chrome Web Store

If you do, make sure to configure it to be compatible with HTTPS Everywhere or you will run into trouble.
Decentraleyes | Configure HTTPS Everywhere
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