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I haven't expected such a response to single license giveaway.Thank you Guys.

I will make giveaway of these software one by one after Hitman Pro draw:
(By admin permission after giving proof of legal license)

1.Spyshelter Premium
2.Process Lasso Pro
3Internet download manager.


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Live Security Platinum and Network Drive

Live Security Platinum Virus attacked my computer; through Malware tips, I hope the virus is eradicated. However, it disconnected my Network Drive where all my files are kept; I seem unsuccessful at reconnecting. Any ideas as to how I may reconnect to my Network Drive which seems to have disappeared, please?


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Been using the freeware version for a long time now. Come to think of it I started using HMP when I had problems with MBAM updating and crashing. HMP is imho the best 2nd opinion malware checker. Removal remains on the poaid version though so do consider me please!


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Very nice giveaway here! I have been joining a lot of blog contests and just recently Surfright's contest to be able to bag one license to no avail. Anyway, thanks here Stranger for this giveaway ;) Count me in!
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