HitmanPro.Alert 3.8.8 Build 887 Release Candidate


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Apr 24, 2016
HitmanPro.Alert 3.8.8 Build 887 Release Candidate:
Changes (compared to build 875)
  • CodeCave: coding error that could cause certain rare applications to crash
  • CodeCave: False alarms when application is packed with boxedApp packer
  • ACPProtection: False alarms when application is packed with boxedApp packer
  • ApiSetGuard: False alarms on a standard DLLMain implementation that does nothing but returning 0 or 1
  • CryptoGuard 5: False alarm in combination with Dropbox
  • CryptoGuard 5: False alarm when deleting many files on and endpoint protected by Bitdefender’s CryptoStore feature
  • HeapHeapProtect: Applications under attack could crash when the used shellcode caused an unaligned stack
  • Crash in Equation Editor when under attack, caused by Data Execution Prevention (DEP)
  • Italian string in Systray context menu
  • Alert report now includes a list of services if a process runs as a service
  • CryptoGuard-only now also enables anti-malware
  • GUI: Added anti-malware menu item to settings menu
  • GUI: EULA on install dialog
  • Windows on ARM: Now offloads SHA-256 calculation to hardware via NEON instructions, resulting in 7 times performance boost
  • Windows on ARM: Fixed last scan timestamp
  • AmsiGuard: Now supports unloading of AMSI.DLL
  • ApplicationLockdown: Prevent execution of an Visual Basic file via EXPLORER.EXE from an Office application
  • CredGuardSAM: Prevent registry command line tool from dumping credentials
  • WipeGuard: Volume Boot Record (VBR) protection and alert details
  • Minifilter driver altitude, lowered from 345800 to 221600, to prevent third party minifilters from adversely affecting ransomware detection
  • HeapHeapProtect: Code running in dynamic memory, in RUNDLL32.EXE and REGSVR32.EXE, can no longer add execution permissions to other dynamic memory. This proactively helps against many backdoor tools, trojans and ransomware families.
  • Tamper Protection by filtering process and thread handles against terminate, suspend and injection. Also added menu item to settings menu.
  • Automatic protection of Microsoft Access against exploitation
  • DLL Hijacking protection on HitmanPro malware scanner to prevent privilege escalation

Please let us know how this build runs on your machine. Thanks!