Hitmanpro Alert vs Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

  • Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

    Votes: 11 22.0%
  • Hitmanpro Alert

    Votes: 39 78.0%
  • Total voters


Level 13
hitmanpro alert all the way. malwarebytes antiexploit just has a exploit modul, thats all. hitmanpro alert has way more. antiransomware,antiexploit,keystrore encrytion and so on. if something does not work with hitmanpro alert u can make exclusions.

King Alpha

Level 25
Content Creator
I use Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit but I voted for HitmanPro.alert. MBAE is just a dedicated Anti-Exploit while HMP.a is a Swiss Army Knife, it's multi-purpose (Anti-Exploit, On-Demand Scanner, Anti-Ransomware, Anti-Keylogger, Webcam Protection, etc.).

DJ Panda

Level 29
I'd honestly say MBAE. HMP is a little expensive and the chance for an exploit is very slim if you keep stuff updated. An AV or other fourm of protection should be fine.

Evjl's Rain

Level 45
Content Creator
Malware Hunter
honestly I feel like we dont need HMP.A. Yes it has a lot of features but I believe they are just average (quantity > quality?). HMP failed against ransomwares in many video reviews and I have no idea if the anti-exploit module and other stuffs are effective
It actually blocked a few games without any notification and it was a bit buggy for me. It also caused increased cpu usage and I could notice some slowdown in my system. When I switched to crystal security, I dont see it happens. smoother. Even with voodooshield free, I still feel it's lighter and and safer although with HMP you hardly have to interact. It's true that we are less likely to get exploit than traditional attacks

I think malwarebytes is enough and it's free. If you have Kaspersky Installed, it has most features like HMP.A (not all) and I believe they are more effective


Level 4
HMPA behaves very strange, if it ecounters something you are not given the chance to choose it simply closes the protected item, in my experience it closed my IE without letting me choose what to do, although it was a FP. Strange but this can be fixed in future. :) In rest, good product to choose.


malwarebytes anti-exploit is good to use. It has blocked many exploits in my PC.


Level 12
Although I prefer HMPA, in your situation - being a gamer - It sounds like you're always going to be frustrated by conflicts with games, unless you're prepared to make exceptions for them.


Level 85
Well in such way, Hitman Pro is more beneficial since the modules contains hardware based to accumulate better analysis against exploits.

However MBAE are better against in depth attacks especially in buffer overflow where immediately notify to prevent.


Level 3
I also voted for MBAE. You said that you need an anti-exploit and not an anti-exploit, ransomware, keylogger, safe browsing monster tool which has too much false positives - so I think MBAE is the right answer/solution for you. I saw that you are already using KIS and VoodooShield, which protects you enough so MBAE should be the right one for you with less false positives compared to HMP.Alert.

Some false positive samples of HMP.Alert: It blocks every backup-program at creating a rescue media file/disc/stick because it's protecting the master boot record. It blocks Wise Care 365 at secure deleting, because of its anti-ransomware/encryption protection. It also blocked a windows process which wanted to delete a logo-/picture file of my network media drive.