Level 23
Sep 13, 2018
It's a very good scanner and actively developed still. Sometimes it has issues with the cloud and hangs on an item so I have to start it over, which is a little annoying. It was not compatible with my hard drive when I was running an Insider build, causing system-wide freezing. In that case I had to post at Wilders for help (which I got in a timely way) as email support can be more than 48 hours sometimes. :unsure: I use it regularly for the right-click context menu to scan downloads and scripts. People complain that it picks up a lot of tracking cookies and calls them "threats" but seriously, you can disable cookie detection in the Settings if it bugs you. I've found that any cookies HitmanPro detects are a valuable thing actually, teaching me to adjust the browser cookie and privacy policy and AdGuard to a stricter level. Cookies can do a lot nowadays-- if HitmanPro detects even one, I'm busy cutting it off at the pass.

I would not pay full price for it, getting it for a sales price, yes. Then I find it worth having on my system. It's mainly a preference thing. Others may prefer EEK or NPE, both of which are free and really good at finding things, maybe too good in NPE's case (fp).