How about EMET?

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Jan 31, 2014
What is EMET?
How does it provide additional level of protection?
How could I properly configure it?
Is it really needed if I only:
- do documents
- surf the net daily (youtube, forum, research mostly by Maxthon Portable)
- watch movies downloaded from utorrent



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Feb 1, 2013
EMEt is a tool created by Microsoft that makes exploiting vulnerabilities on your system harder. In Windows 7 and especially Windows 8 such protection (they are called mitigations and have to do with memory allocation) exist on kernel and system level. What East mainly does is to improve such protection and extend it to 3rd party apps that you install on your system.
Even is more useful for applications like Adobe Reader that has many security holes for example.
However certain EMET protections might be incompatible with some apps and cause problems to them.
There is a guide that you can download directly from Microsoft when you download the installation package.

More experienced members can add more info :)


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Mar 1, 2014
I uninstalled EMET after MS Office 2010 programs won't open. I had MBAE and KIS installed. I don't know what was the problem. I already unchecked certain points in EMET that MBAE is having conflict with (that was according to MBAE forums about conflicts). I don't know if the conflict was between EMET and KIS.

I'm still using MBAE but now with ESET Smart Security replacing KIS.


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May 3, 2011
EMET is very complicated to configure, you can find the user's guide on Google is it helps any.
It takes a lot of reading and experimenting to get everything setup correctly.
In my opinion, it is not worth messing with just use a "Limited User Account" which will already have the setups for running safe programs without issues it will block installers and everything that tries to change system configuration.

Enjoy!! :D
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