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Be sure your system is clean.
Set up a separate sandbox solely for banking and transactions.

Always flush the entire contents of that sandbox after session is completed so when use it again, it starts empty.Delete > Delete invocations > tick "automatically delete contents of sandbox"
Harden that sandbox by (a) making Google Chrome or(Other) the only program that can access the internet, (b) limiting what can start/run in that sandbox (in my case,Google Chrome), and (c) activating Drop Rights. These settings can be made via Sandboxie Control > Sandbox Settings > Restrictions. I also block access to My Documents (Sandboxie Control > Sandbox Settings > Resource Access > File Access).
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From Sandboxie
By default, Sandboxie protects you from Ransomware and....anything. Nothing can get out of the sandbox unless you explicitly allow that. Drivers are not allowed to be installed in the sandbox as well. Yes, deleting the contents of your sandbox routinely is key. Here is a video of SBIE protecting against Cryptolocker...
Sandboxie Isolation Demonstration : Cryptoplocker (Crilock) Ransomware
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