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For example, yes, I am using the sync feafure (ofc with a strong password), I installed ublock Origin and... That's it. Pretty much. :D Are there any ofher possible ways how can i improve security, and most importantly, privacy? Thank you kindly for your repsponses :)


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Best to keep Sync turned off, especially if you store passwords within Firefox.

Instead, turn on auto-fill in the Android settings for your default password manager app.

Sync data passphrase is only required when installing on a new device. Once loaded, the data will be there.

If your device is stolen and phone happens to be unlocked, they can view your past history, extensions, bookmarks etc.

Other mainstream browsers:
  • DuckDuckGo Privacy browser
  • Brave browser
  • Focus by Firefox

Android 9 or higher:
  • Set up Private DNS with a privacy DNS — good for adblocking
  • Or use VPN with a privacy DNS

You do need to go overboard, but if you want to isolate your desktop from your mobile, use different browsers.