How-To Geek: How to Prepare Your Android Phone to Be Stolen


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Apr 24, 2016
You’d probably be nervous walking around with $1,000 in your pocket, but that’s what many of us do every day with smartphones. It’s a good idea to be prepared if someone decides your Android phone is ripe for stealing.

Being prepared for your phone to be stolen is the key. There’s not much you can do after the device is gone. Taking some time to be ready for an unfortunate situation can make it hurt a lot less. We’ll give you some tips:

Set Up a Screen Lock
Make Sure “Find My Device” Works
Back Up Important Things
Create a Second Line of Defense
Record Your Device’s IMEI Number

When it comes to losing or having things stolen, there’s always more you can do before it happens. Android phones are certainly no different. Take some time now to prepare for a disaster. You’ll be glad you did.