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As you surely know, modern computers/laptop are embedded with Windows 8. In case of failure, you have to Reset/Refresh your system from the recovery partition, but you have various reasons this recovery features won't be used:

- you refuse to reinstall all the vendor crap utilities but rather a clean Windows 8.
- you deleted the recovery partitions...
- the Reset/Refresh just don't works or is broken/corrupted.
- you can't boot into Windows and need to reinstall it from a CD

so your only way is to install windows 8.xx from a CD/DVD/USB

but "voila" you need your license key hardcoded into the UEFI... and of course the computer's vendor didn't gave it to you.

so there the trick to get it back:

1- Download RW Utility (Installer or Portable) : Here , i prefer the portable version ^^
2 - launch it
3- Click the ACPI button

4- then click the MSDM tab

5- The tab will show your OEM key at the bottom of the tab , near "Data"

Then now you can use it to install Windows 8.xx

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Good suggestion, there is also a program called "advanced token manager", which makes copy of the tokens in your pc, so it means that you can backup your license for further use :D
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