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IE10: How does it really stack up? : on :

'What does this benchmark measure?
We designed our benchmark to determine if a new release of our software is going to slow down the user experience. Not only do we measure overall runtime, but we actually instrument a number of critical functions so that we know, for example, how many times a piece of text is re-rendered. If those numbers go up, then we know we’ve introduced a new bug that hurts performance.

We also use the benchmark to compare the performance of different browsers. With the recent release of Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 and some initial reviews of its performance ( ...), we were interested to see how IE10 performance stacks up against the current versions of other browsers.'
Benchmark results simple:

Firefox: crashed
Opera: 663 seconds
Safari: 635
IE: 246
Chrome: 216
- lower is better ..
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