SpyShelter Firewall 3.0 Review
1. Nice and Easy for Non-Experienced Users

2. Light on Ram

3. Perfect 340/340 on CLT

4. Ok job on blocking executed malware files
1. Paid Product

2. Blocked Ad Aware and Slim Cleaner (I had to disable spyshelter in order to install them)
According to my video, SpyShelter Firewall 3.0 did a OK job. The part that bothers me the most is that it wanted to block Ad Aware and Slim Cleaner. The great thing about SpyShelter Firewall 3.0 is the "Auto-Block Suspicious Behavior." It is much easier for Non-Experienced Users to not receive alerts asking what to do, but it is also a bad thing because SpyShelter thinks Ad Aware and Slim Cleaner are suspicious. Personally me, I would rather use comodo, online armor, or private firewall because I do not feel like paying for a firewall.

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comodo has good feature and if they focuses more on fixing bugs & issues instead of adding more useless bloat at each version, CIS would be already very solid