Axelrod Sven

Level 3
So I recently won a BitDefender product key from the MalwareTips Giveaway section, and I wasn't sure whether I could install it on my Android or not. So I decided to ask...


Dan Caloianu is from BitDefender Tech/Chat License Support.

Formatting changes made for making this easy to read. Content is as original.


Dan Caloianu: I can see that this is a Total Security key, only for 3 Windows devices.
However, you can upgrade that for free, to the Total Security Multi Device for 5 devices, which can be installed on Windows, Mac and Android.

Me: for free? How can I do that please?

Dan Caloianu: The only requirement for this is that the key has to be activated on your account.

Me: activated on my account..meaning?

Dan Caloianu: You have to activate the key in order to modify it.

Me: Okay

Dan Caloianu: When you activate it, you can contact us and we will upgrade the product.

Me: Is this a limited time offer?

Dan Caloianu: No. We can always modify it.

Me: So when I activate the license, I can call Bitdefender support and request it to be upgraded automatically to a 5 device multi-device product?

Dan Caloianu: Exactly.

In other words, you can buy a 3-PC license for whatever price you could possible get in your region - and upgrade it to a 5-device key, for free!? Maybe purchase two 3-PC license and protect 10 devices? Obviously no user has that many devices but it has interesting possibilities...