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Aug 17, 2014
Source: Introducing Vivaldi Mail in Technical Preview | Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi Mail, Vivaldi Feed Reader and Vivaldi Calendar make their first public appearance. Download the latest Vivaldi Snapshot version to test them all.
The first Technical Preview of Vivaldi Mail, Vivaldi’s integrated email client, is here and the timing could not be better. It arrives just ahead of Thanksgiving as a way of saying “thanks for waiting”.

We are excited for you to test the new Vivaldi Mail. Some people fondly call it M3 and there is a bit of history to this that I’ll share later.

It makes me very happy to share that we’ve taken it a step further. In addition to the mail client, we’ve included a feed reader and a calendar.

Whether it is the browser or any of Vivaldi’s services – we build our software with you in mind. We know that you are all individuals with your own requirements and wishes.

Vivaldi Mail is about giving you the choice to communicate online in a much more organized way while having the comfort of knowing that you are in control of your data and choices.

We now need your feedback on our first Technical Preview (TP) so that we can – together – build this further into a trustworthy option that will let you break away from the dependency on the ecosystems of the few big players today.

Vivaldi Mail consists of three components:

✅ The Mail Client

✅ The Feed Reader

✅ The Calendar

You can choose to use Vivaldi Mail with your existing mail (IMAP/POP3) and calendar services (CalDav). You can also choose to set up an account with Vivaldi or a third-party service, such as FastMail. You can thus use Vivaldi Mail to get away from Google services if you wish to.
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Feb 26, 2021
Does anyone know which file/folder needs write permissions in order for m3 (new Vivaldi mail client) to correctly index your mail, so that you are not presented with the same "new " mail every time you relaunch a sandboxied browser?

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