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Sep 1, 2017
MT Friends!

I introduce you a super new solution from a well known backup solution called AOMEI. AOMEI just released a new platform called cBackupper. Solution found here: Service Features - Cloud Backup | cBackupper

Things a super new here friends and reviews are not found to be abundant just yet. Here is one review that I found that I agree 100% with: AOMEI CBackupper review

First and foremost, I want to say that this new product that is FREE has a lot of great things going for it. I am now using this solution and can say that transfers work flawlessly with the limited services currently available. Sure I have some hiccups with my internet connection, things go goofy, life happens. However, lets look at a few things as noted by AOMEI here..

Get Free Unlimited Online Cloud Backup Storage Is Possible
[Using your providers of cloud storage of course - limited at that for the moment]

Limited By Cloud Free Space?
Many main-stream cloud storage providers offer free cloud backup services, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox. However, it is not easy to perform worry-free online backup due to limited free space as well as different drives and accounts.

Never Waste Any Free Backup Space
Different drives and different accounts of same cloud can be connected into one place with a proper strategy. Free space of multiple free cloud drives can be combined to a bigger backup storage, the most ideal state is unlimited cloud space.

Automation Makes it Easy
Easy is our constant pursuit. We have many automatic functions in this online data backup service to make your backup process easy and simple.

Schedule Backup
Create daily, weekly or monthly schedules to backup files automatically.
  • Provided 8 different schedule options.
  • Automatic backup even offline.
  • Eliminate the hassle of manual backup.
  • Learn More

Allocate Space
Set a fixed amount of space to store backups in advance, and the system runs automatically according to your Settings.
  • All remaining space is available for backup.
  • Setting fixed space for backup files.
  • Setting residual space size.
  • Learn More

Backup Scheme
Only back up the difference between the previous full version and the late version, which reduces the time and space spent on backups.

Get Notification
Automatically send an email to notify the backup or restore status of the task according to your settings. Maybe the task is successful or failed.

Benefit From File Filter In Backup

Match Your Backup Needs Exactly
You can exclude large files like system files and cache files or include specific file extensions like .doc, .txt, .gif, .mp3, .mp4, etc. while backup. Just back up the files you need.
Save Your Precious Time
Exclude unnecessary files while backup and the backup time would be dramatically saved.
Make Your Backup Space More Reasonable
Precious backup space should for important data only. File filter settings makes no waste of room.

Now I'm nowhere near a security expert and there is a lot of things that needs improvement, but AOMEI is staing some good things. Now is everything implmented just yet? Lets look at what they are saying here...And I will give you some of my thoughts!

Here is what they are saying about security:

How Does cBackupper Guarantee Your Security?
We have three aspects to ensure the security of your account and your privacy.Please be assured that it's 100% safe for you to use the service of cBackupper.

You Own Your Data
cBackkuper enables you to combine multiple free and idle cloud storage of your own into a larger space for storing critical data backups so that you don't have to pay money to buy storage for cloud backup. cBackupper works as a channel that only connect your cloud drive accounts. All of your backups are stored in the cloud storage services that you trust, and only you have the authority to access them.

OAuth Authorization System

OAuth is an industry-standard security framework. Most cloud storage providers like Google Drive use it to authorize 3rd-party applications like cBackupper a limited access to users' data. When adding a cloud drive, cBackupper will direct you to the cloud drive provider's authorization server. In such case, cBackupper never saves your login information like cloud account and password. Besides, you can cancel the access from your cloud drive account at any time.

256-bit AES Encryption
We choose to apply 256-bit AES Encryption in data transfer. It is one of the most secure encryption technologies, which can effectively ensure that your data is not tampered, blocked or cracked.

Remove Access Anytime
You can remove access to the cBackupper from your cloud account at any time. When you cancel the authorization, we will disconnect from this account. You can know more about it in your cloud account treaty. Learn more >>

Delete Account Permanently
You can permanently delete your cBackupper account at any time.When you choose to close your account, cBackupper will permanently remove all your account information from the database.

Best-in-class Cloud Storage
cBcakupper also provides users with AOMEI Cloud to store backups. It is the most secure and stable cloud storage service. AOMEI Cloud servers are located in the United States and staffed every hour of every day of the year with top-notch security features.

Compliance With Privacy Law & GDPR
We take the responsibility of protecting your information very seriously. As set forth in our Privacy Policy. We will clearly let users know how we collect, use, and protect your information. Besides, cBackupper already meets the requirements of the GDPR.

My thoughts on what I'd like to see get implemented here to bulster cBackupper's security (not saying its weak - not saying its super bad - just needs some much needed improvements to be my type of secure):
  • I'd like to see two factor authenication get put into place for cBackupper
  • I'd like to see CAPTCHA or reCAPTCHA put into place for cBackupper
  • I'd like to see security challenges/questions for the account - account creation, retrieval, change of password etc.
Now I know a lot of you are thinking about a quick start guide. I found one for ya' and yes it isn't super pretty, but is functional and for me with some good o' computer knowledge makes sense. Link:

Now, please keep in mind this service or offering is very new from AOMEI. The company is massive. See below for what I tell everyone when folks say - I haven't heard of this company before. AOMEI has been around the block for a while now. Granted its somewhat 'new'. Screenshot below:

Now I'm sure all of you are thinking this: Now Brian what solutions are available for backup for backup cloud solutions?

Answer: Quite few at the moment here friends! Now, please don't be disappointed, because they got the big names first and I am hopeful (knowing how large and big AOMEI is) that more will be added quite soon. No - I do not know much information other than that more will be added soon. No I do not have any ties to AOMEI other than that I have been using their products for a while and WOWZERS the company is growing through the years.

Supported cloud environments or setups (as shown in the below screenshot):

Google Drive


Now I know what another question is! Where is those help guides Brian?

cBackupper Help Guides

Help guides seem solid and very helpful. Quite in-depth the way I'm use to AOMEI giving out information.

Yes there is task completion and failure notices already (just wanted to put this out there to help a friend who is bound to ask): How to Set Email Notification In cBackupper?

Bunch of other help files so explorer and see if that helps answer your question! If not feel free to ask me too. If I don't know lets hit up AOMEI support to get a help doc created or get some good support.

Some other things on my wish list for AOMEI's latest new solution cBackupper (this may be growing here in due time):
  • When submitting feedback - send the user a automated email summary and state that their feedback was received
    • Its something nice to have here
Where can you create an account to demo this new stuff?

I have a link: How to create and manage your cBackupper Account?

All in all - I'm liking what I'm seeing with AOMEI. AOMEI has some work to do as mentioned above in my wish/want list. Lots of stuff will be changing in due time I know. AOMEI has always impressed me and I know this solution is going to grow big time here folks. I just recently started playing around with this new solution with some test/demo accounts and the transfers are clean and work very well. Cloud to cloud transfer speeds are good. Documentation wise things are good there. Security - could use some improvements - in all fairly good.

MODS please feel free to move this posting if it doesn't belong in the backup and recovery thread. Many thanks!

MT friends and community what are your thoughts? Interesting new offering from AOMEI if I can say so myself! Quite nice too. Has some polishing up to do though and I can foresee lots of big improvements needed. All in all, I must say I'm impressed with the foundation building blocks of the new solution and I'm excited to see the change log in the future.

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Nov 19, 2012
I have been using Multcloud for quite some time and it has been really good. Aomei also has backup up software which is quite good. I think they have now merged these two service to create a new one, that's quite wonderful. Though they are now offering the service for free they will eventually limit the free ones like they have done with Multcloud. But I don't see any harm using their service, never heard anything bad about them.


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Sep 1, 2017
@Ville I have reached out to AOMEI in regards to the 404 error. Thanks for pointing that out.

@jogs I'm thinking cBackupper might end up being a replacement or spin off of Multcloud completely. I'm not sure where AOMEI is going to be taking cBackupper as it seems as though its quite closely related to Multcloud. It is quite interesting. If it is a spin off we have a taste of what could be in the future of cBackupper.

@Spawn ! How are you? Hope your doing well. Great question!

For me, I don't use anything cloud wise without having heavy duty encryption on the content before sending it up to any cloud service. You remember how 'paranoid' I am correct? haha That being said, every solution has its ups and downs. I don't see anything out of the ordinary with the terms of service or policies that say other cloud service providers already impose on users who use services much like Google Drive, OneDrive etc etc. In fact, it is 'nice' (might not be the right word to describe simplification) to see the terms of service much more simplified vs. dozens if not hundreds of pages for terms of service/polices of other big name companies.

The obvious answer to your question would to be always own your data and never use a cloud service, because of terms or policies. However, if your like me and 'paranoid' use some great encryption (for me its a bit much - I'm very paranoid) and you shouldn't have to worry about information landing in the wrong hands. Having one's own NAS (w/UPS) is nice. I have built a lot of nice NAS/SANS for companies and it is always fun to setup. However, for those who have cloud backup solutions and want to use something like cBackupper (to combine storage and or have their storage be replicated through different clouds) this is a nice solution without having to manually upload and download from each cloud to the next. Having to upload and download from each cloud to the next could take some time if one doesn't have the technical know how to set it up by yourself. I do have my own NAS both onsite and offsite that I always have to do some sort of maintenance on to ensure everything is a'ok.


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Sep 1, 2017
Hi All!

Status update about that mysterious .exe... So apparently this local download is not going to be fully released until the next minor/major upgrade of cBackupper. This was confirmed by support. @Ville hope that answers your question.

My thoughts and considerations to support has actively been answered in a timely and kind manner. Providing input from support has been and continues to be welcomed. I encourage others to provide input too!

As for multi-factor authentication: This has been submitted to the development team per my request to support 7 days ago.

Differences between cBackupper and Multcloud per support summary (mainly their wording here):

  • Multcloud can help us manage multiple clods and transfer between clouds.
  • Multcloud you can directly use and access the data in the destination cloud
  • cBackupper can help us back up data from clouds to clouds, or backup local data to clouds (in the future)
  • cBackupper will support additional cloud storage platforms in the future
  • cBackupper can and will combine free space of multiple clouds as the destination.
    • It can make the most of the space between clouds
    • Compared to MultCloud only being able to select a cloud as a destination.
More info to come all! If you want feel free to compile questions and I will be happy to pass them along to AOMEI as well. I'm no stranger in asking software companies questions! haha


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