Q&A iOS zonealarm app's anti-phishing won't install


Level 3
May 25, 2020
latest iOS - iphone se2020. I had an s/mime cert installed (on both phones) but nothing else.
I am trying the ZoneAlarm iOS app. I have installed it's "safe browsing" profile but when I try to install the "advanced antiphishing protection" I get a generic "profile installation failed" - The cert "Zone.." could not be imported. Reboot, reinstall not helping.
I'm not able to reproduce this on my old iphone se as both trusted certs from the ZoneAlarm app install w/o issue on it.
My naive guess it that its trying to install the "safe browsing" cert again for some reason but i only base this on not seeing a name on the failed cert install message that matches "checkpoint sand blast mobi" as it appears in my old iphone se.
I didn't find anything googling so I was wondering if you guys had a suggestion to try.


Level 10
Jun 21, 2011
ditch it and find something else....i dont think you have much to do about it