Advice Request Is 360 Total Security development dead? Last update on website dated May [2021-05-26]

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Dec 4, 2014
They have just released v10.8.0.1382, so perhaps, 360 are not planning to ditch the international version just yet, even though they continue to not update the changelogs. As for my own experience with 360, while I no longer use it on my main computer, I was using it for a few years. This is most likely the longest I've used any antivirus, and in my opinion, the developers of 360 actually put a lot of thought into designing the UI, unlike a lot of antiviruses.

Here are some of the reasons, why I like it a lot. You can get it to prompt when a threat is detected, rather than auto quarantining it. I won't use an antivirus if it only has auto quarantine. It actually shows you what files it has uploaded to the cloud for analysis, along with the verdict, and it never takes more than 24 hours for them to analyse a file. While the junk cleaning and speedup modules are not needed in an antivirus, they actually work very well. They are clearly not just an afterthought.

While I often see people saying it is a terrible antivirus. It would seem that they are just bashing it because it is Chinese and haven't used it recently. While not one of the absolute best antiviruses, it is decent. Its signatures and heuristics are both very good, but its proactive protection needs improvement. Quite often it is called bloated. While it does have a number of non-antivirus features, it is one of the lightest antiviruses there is. So being "bloated" doesn't matter too much, and I'd much rather use this than an antivirus with fewer features, that slows my computer down. While it has always been fairly light, changes made three years ago made it noticeably lighter, making it one of the lightest antiviruses there is.

My only major complaint, is that the proactive protection often gives alerts when installing software, which is annoying.
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