Is AVG any good ?

  • Yes

    Votes: 43 61.4%
  • No

    Votes: 27 38.6%
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@JAMESWT an official of AVG is going to contact the members of the viruslab and see what is going on and what can be improved. in the mean time , I encourage you to keep sending in those samples , because thats very important for us! thanks for your excellent work sofar!!!!!!
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The free version of avg is bad.I used it a year ago.AVG itself says that the free users don't get priority updates.So the paid version of AVG may not be that bad.( I did not use the paid version).as you have got a free license,I will say that you should give it a try.As it is free for you,so you can give it up anytime.Who knows,may be AVG paly well on your of luck.


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It's fine in all honesty if you're a normal user however there are better options so I don't see why anyone would bother with it.
I'd personally just use Avast if I was you and be done with it.
I had the paid version of AVG and it worked fine for me except it sometimes got in the way of certain programs running when I tried.


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Overall Opinion, it's a good anti-virus.

However, I would suggest checking out other AV programs first before settling on this. I have had AVG briefly in the past, and there's other AV's that run smoother for my PC.

It may depend on your needs and hardware... if AVG is your kind of Antivirus software or not.
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