Q&A Is Manifest V3 upon us already?

Captain Holly

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Jan 23, 2021
I have to wonder...I checked out Chrome tonight, just to see what's what. I have not been on Chrome in a long time. Facebook had an ad for a game that I have never seen before. I even have the Chrome Facebook ad blocker extension and this ad is still there. Up until now I have seen no ads at all on Facebook. The only reason I have Facebook to begin with is to keep up with my daughter.


Another site I was on, Irishtimes.com, I was reading about Thin Lizzy, a favorite rock band of mine and all of a sudden this ad for "College Planning" popped up. I clicked the drop down arrow in the top corner and it disappeared but that is not the point. I wonder if Google is up to something here. This one popped up despite my having Ublock Origin installed in Chrome. I checked the same websites in edge and Firefox and the ads were not present in either one.


Has anyone else seen this or anything like it? I signed out of Chrome and don't know if I will use it again. I am tired of the ads and spying and other stuff going on with browsers now. At least for now Firefox seems to be pretty straightforward and is not using me for a test subject, as far as I can tell. Sheesh.

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