Is the latest version of something OS or software always better to have ?

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In theory, it's best to have the latest version.

In practice, no. I've experienced hidden obstacles and conflicts and one can't always safeguard and predict. Things like drivers (esp. NVIDIA), anti-cheat software, legacy hardware, etc. So, voted "sometimes."


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1 There is a security advantage to having the latest version.
2 Often it will have more features (the exception to this rule is free software -- sometimes they take away features from the free version).
3 It probably has bug fixes.

1 It might have new bugs.
2 You might like the old version better for whatever personal reason.


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For mission critical operations it is mandatory to have a stable environment rather than having a bleeding edge distribution. It takes time for any company/ corporate to deploy and configure an os with proper mitigation strategies which provides the basis for a stable working environment. Imagine an assembly workshop with a lage workforce gets halted due to an error/ bug in a deployed software in conflict with os. Nobody can afford such a situation. On all other cases, if your life doesn't depend on it, can have a bleeding edge deployment. so my answer is a big No.