Advice Request Is the Pixel 4a the BEST affordable Android phone today?

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Jan 8, 2011
The Pixel 3a was discontinued, leaving the Pixel 4a (£349) the most affordable Google Android phone on the market. Other competitors have their own range of Android phones from the budget to flagships, all with their own Pro's and Con's. However none of them are able to offer what the Pixel phone can offer.

Do you believe that the Google Pixel 4a is the BEST Android phone on the market today in 2020?

I believe it is, and because it's by Google, it has no Chinese-backdoor malware.
  • affordable at $349 / £349
  • secure Titan M chip
  • 3 years of guaranteed updates
  • official Google product

I am seriously considering picking one up as a secondary phone.
Update: Not getting one.

What are your views about the Pixel 4a?
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Sep 23, 2019
I have the Pixel 3a XL which I purchased a couple months ago because my previous phone stopped working. It's my first Pixel phone and I love it. When Android 11 released, it was great being able to check for updates and getting the OTA update immediately. The consistent security updates are a plus. I'm a big fan of the clean Pixel experience and Google's vision for Android. The camera is amazing.

I do wish the Pixel 4a would have retained the squeeze to activate Google Assistant feature as I use it very frequently. A bigger battery would have been nice, but the Pixel 4a has good battery life as it is.

One thing to note with the Pixel series is that taking videos is not as great. iPhones are still the gold standard in video quality with the Galaxy series a close second (if not equal to it) in my opinion.

If my phone hadn't broke when it did, the Pixel 4a would have been my phone.


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Jan 14, 2015
The only downfall from pixel phones is the battery.
For half the price of a pixel 4a, i can get a Xiami Redmi Note 8 pro for example and although you will not get latest android version (android 11), and you have a "skin and tweaks" on top of android 10, it is still a very good and affordable phone to begin with.

If i was to pay for a pixel 4a, I would rather buy the iphone se for around the same price range, just a different eco system

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