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First we respect any feedback from you guys (We are not a malware or rouge or whatever).

We tried InstallWatch on our product at our lab, test on windows 7 x64 VM and it looks fine nothing close to your report .
Can you please tell me What is the OS you try to install it on ?
Are there any other working software that may be cause this issue.

Please provide more information

Thank you
William H.
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Windows 10 professional, just windows update.
Installwatch and iridium browser were installed.

Based on the above comment that nothing is close to my report, means that you have not checked. Installwatch is to monitor what an install does to the system. nothing should and would conflict.

I checked further with other tools and its registry values are obscene. Tools used were Total Uninstall and others.

I will be honest, at this stage, I am not going to waste more time digging, but based on the above logs, I doubt I will ever mention this program again.


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HI Again
1. We developed Secure Hunter Anti-Malware PRO for the last 24 months .
2. We did run a beta testing for more than 12 months (no software is perfect ask bill gates : ))
3. We will improve the software all the time.
4. Malwaretips is a great place to get our software further(we got lots of tips to improve) but you deal too much with things that are not relevant to our product.
5. We are not asking for any details when you download the software only a feedback after the trial is over & on purchase.
6. The co-founders are everywhere LinkedIn Facebook twitter to contact them they are nice guys : )
7.Regarding no issues
8. Enjoy the software and help us with tips.
1. From the last reply here Secure Hunter Anti-Malware Software Beta Testing I have trouble swallowing this
2."No software is perfect ask Bill gates" Hardly a professional answer
3.Apparently not enough as I can see from the replies of very experienced staff & trusted members and lack of a reply to your Beta thread in over a year
4."things that are not relevant to our product" I imagine you mean our commitment to advise and not mislead our membership when it comes to their computing safety.
5. ?
6.Yes I can see from all the social media links and I am sure they are nice guys but that doesn't change the facts posted here
7. I will give you this one as the site is clean but I will get to the other issues with it in a minute

We allowed you to post your beta software here in a thread which has had no updates in over a year.Now because their are some obvious problems with your software,as verified by some very experienced members,you are responding and with a comment such as "but you deal too much with things that are not relevant to our product"

Besides the obvious as posted by @Inkurax let me show you the problems I have with your website


Random Computer Manufacturers listed hyperlinked to here Anti-Malware Pro | Secure Hunter Anti-Malware Pro Get all the features


Recent press coverage(some big names) hyperlinked to here 'Secure Hunter' Announces Release Of Secure Hunter Anti-Malware PRO - Secure Hunter Anti-Malware


Download websites ? These are just icons of sites that offer software downloads.Without any links!! Frankly some I would not download anything from.

This just doesn't look right. Personally if this was the first thing I saw when going to your site I would leave immediately.It makes it look as though these people might not even exist.
Any vendor I have dealt with have actual Pictures and full names and along with their company description as well as a list of their experience.

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