Level 4
In general, I use the free version of the best AV overall, and then other software (also, free) to supplement it. For example, free versions of

Avast (because it seemed that file and web browsing was slower for the other AVs)
MalwareBytes and now Zemana (for offline scanning)
SphinxSoft Windows Firewall Control

and for the browser

uBlock Origin

and a few others.

Although the point about good habits is notable, it sometimes isn't enough. For example, I read that ads in legitimate sites might have some sort of malware, which means you can still be affected even if you do safe browsing.

Finally, I use free versions because I found out that sometimes some AVs tend to do well at present and then slow down or become less reliable with some new version or patch in the OS. With that, I can choose to move to another AV or security program, use more than one, etc.


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Dave Russo

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