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I don't know if I only noticed this now, but Kaspersky 2021 version (patch b) is turning down my startup speed on all of my home PCs, it increased 5 seconds by average.

I don't know if it's patch B since it updated recently.
i had 15 secs increase average compared to patch a and 25 average on another system.

no longer have that issue since no more kaspersky in any of my systems.


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I have uninstalled Kaspersky on my other machine and re-placed it with TrendMicro as they have a bug that makes my typing slow. with the 2020 version i had no problems but with the 2021 version they seem to have gone downhill.

Yes its true butt the problem is not KIS but the password manager, I had the same problem I uninstall the Kaspersky password application and the problem is gone.


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By the way, I am running KIS21, and Malwarebytes free just for occasional scans, and don't have any problem with them together.



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I don't see this behavior, and I have a lot on startup, one off the things I like in KIS is the fact that it don't give any trouble.
My laptop is relatively recent, so maybe in older machines exist a difference between KIS20 and 21,
All my PCs are new and with recent hardware, I made a test of severeal restarts to see if it was my imagination, but it isnt.

All get slowed 5/10 seconds by average, I uninstalled Kaspersky on one of them and then it backs to normal.

I don't know if it's patch B or 2021 version, since I only noticed this by now I guess it's patch B.

But it's clear that 2021 version is with more bugs than previous one.


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Anybody knows something about this patch? It was posted in Kaspersky forum:

" Just noticed updated to Patch M. Just curious if anyone has any info or can point me to release notes fort his patch. Checked the Beta forum and no info there under Patches sub forum. Thanks for any assistance. "


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Patch M is just for the 20 version:

Patch M
Patch M for Kaspersky Internet Security version was released on September 23, 2020.

In patch M we have fixed some interface issues.

To install the patch:

  1. Run the database update of Kaspersky Internet Security. For instructions, see this article.
  2. When the update completes, restart your computer.
To check if the patch was installed successfully, open the application and click Support in the lower-left corner. You will see the full version number of the application with letter m added at the end.


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I did! I unchecked a few settings regarding preventing malware from loading at startup which made startup a bit faster, but there's no denying that on a system with 8 cores, 64GB RAM, and a fast NVMe SSD, Kaspersky adds time to bootup.

Beware, maybe is not from Kaspersky, but from the latest Windows updates. I don't fell that slow with kis.

And for me his one off the best performance security solution, no impact in the computer performance:



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windows system interruption consume it is very high!kaspersky gui it is very bad,bitdefender gui it is much better,kaspersky very bad strategy ,focuses on the old versions do not know why it releases new versions!!!
2020 patch M
2021 patch B
i unistall now and i go to bitdefender !