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It looks like my previous slowdowns on boot and shutdown were attributed to an improper removal of Kaspersky.

I reinstalled in the systems again and then used HiBit to remove it.

Since then kept one system with Kaspersky Internet Security 2021 (patch b) and problem is no longer visible.

Windows version however I am using 1909.

Also Kaspersky Safe Connection and Password manager are not installed.

windows system interruption consume it is very high!kaspersky gui it is very bad,bitdefender gui it is much better,kaspersky very bad strategy ,focuses on the old versions do not know why it releases new versions!!!
2020 patch M
2021 patch B
i unistall now and i go to bitdefender !

@eXDj please do not misinform readers and users. If it is your opinion you can voice it but claiming Kasperky focuses on old versions is not correct and clearly shows you did not do the proper research.

They support multiple versions.

If you have checked version 2021 release you would have seen they have made general improvements over previous version (2020).
This is also why some of the issues in 2020 are not present in 2021.

They are 2 different products in the end. We are even lucky they maintain multiple versions. Most vendors only provide further support to newer versions.


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I was also very satisfied with KIS 20 and on my PC at Windows bootup it loaded its GUI faster than Bitdefender's. What I want to say is, that after the appearance of the desktop on the screen, I had to wait less time to enter Kaspersky's GUI than Bitdefender 2020. I do agree, that Bitdefender's GUI is more polished than Kaspersky's (I like in particular, that Bitdefender allows to personalize the buttons on the main interface), but on the other side Kaspersky's (full) scan times were shorter than Bitdefender's. I also liked Kaspersky's idea of daily rootkit scans, because they were really fast and barely noticeable in terms of PC's performance decrease.
After having tried both Kaspersky and Bitdefender, I found overall KIS 20 to be at least as smooth in terms of performance as BTS 20, but with the big advantage of a marvellous Trusted Application Mode.
Unfortunately, at the moment it seems that KIS 21 is facing much more problems than BTS 21, but I'm sure things will get back to normal with KIS version MR2 .


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for rootkit manual scan only this metode why not add kaspersky task ?
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for rootkit manual scan only this metode why not add kaspersky task ?

Kaspersky 2021 kicks in the rootkit scan when usually system is idle.

Also selective scan can also scan for rootkits, therefore the configuration for rootkit scan is not available by default to the user.

I removed the part of the command you listed since it is not necessary at all due to the above option I listed. Also, its bad to copy and paste a comment from someone word by word from Kaspersky forum.