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I know it's no elegant speak bad from another Forum, butt this forum support paid users, so it shod be good.

I want to delete some temp files, I already know the answer, but I want to know for sure that I was right, to make no mistakes.

So a make the question and a moderator answer me... maybe you should see the answer.


From a moderator from kaspersky, he should know that the temp files from KIS are hidden, so RUN/ %TEMP% , ill not show you the folders.
And, yes I have to dissemble KIS self-defence, to delete the temp files...

He is supposed to help me, not be help by me... Is a moderator from Kaspersky, this should be basic to him.

Sorry for my bad English, butt i think it's important users know how the brand's support their product.

Dave Russo

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Some years ago when I bought my first new computer it came with a support package,The tech would get on my computer clean out stuff,add Superantispyware,ect they always started off saying I notice you do not have the Gold membership{or something like that ) after about 4 times I got a tech who {excuse the expression }was a imbecile,so not every one who swings a hammer is a carpenter if you know what I mean. This story by no means is me trying to incriminate the tech from Kaspersky
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From your photo it doesn't really show where the files are located and from the extension it seems easy to presume they are in the temp folder and that moderator tried to reply using his knowledge. If you know the answer why ask the question and not even explain exactly what you are looking for?


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Even paying customers can always participate on vendors forums, just as free or even non-customers, as long they have registered an account on the forum. It is Not automatic the same as a genuine support from the vendor, as the majority that replies are home users/non professionals and not official representatives. This is not anything unique for Kasperskys forum. There's a reason why most major software companies have their own specific support channels = page, chat, phone or email etc. Please use that as the first choice if you're an actual customer!

Kaspersky support :
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