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I beheld that the key is for 3 computers, in this case I can use the same key to activate the notebook from my sister?
so it cant be deactivated once it accepts key? I guess you would hope you dont have to reinstall windows or KIS for 3 years if that is the case. I do feel a little like a thief here however. Not on the up and up for sure.
Well, the giveaway is from Kaspersky, it's not like you downloaded a crack or from torrent. ;)


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All of the pertinent info is contained within the previous 9 pages.Please read the entire thread because every answer to every question is contained there.

*Page loads slow(sometimes can take 10 mins. or more to load and then same for when you submit it.Patience!!)
*Please don't post "not working".It loads very slow and I would imagine even slower under a proxy.If it doesn't work anymore posting not working will not make it work again
*US IP only(if you don't know how to change your IP read the last 9 pages)
*Javascript(not Java) has to be disabled in browser(if you dont know how to disable it read the last 9 pages)
*3 Years/3 devices(any combo of desktop,laptop,tablet,phone)
*Any email(if javascript is disabled)
*No activation deadline has been stipulated(if you go through all this to get it then I would suggest you activate it)
*Don't know if it will get blacklisted.Can't tell you what will happen if you have a paid license and use this.Thats your call!!

Update: this is not working anymore

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