Julian RO

Level 2
At me, there's still the free version:
Captură ecran (34).png

Vitali Ortzi

Level 20
Used to use Kaspersky free for my friends for low false positives but my modified version of kfa wich was like Kav (you could modify options via trial or Inject settings) and without nag / useless modules was rekt yesterday after I heard Kaspersky decided to retire kfa :(
Got some stupid message that gives only one option upgrade to KSFC😡
Anyone has a nice low false positives alternative with possibility to make a silent install via Bat file ?
Or an idea how to bypass that screen and if so would a license (the one year free one ) register ?


Level 32
interesting. i have it free at .ro too. but if i change to .com or .ca it isn't free anymore. seems to be regional.
Available on UK websites also. If your preferred language is English then always download from the UK website and if you're from any other country from the EU region then from that site. Only the EU version complies with GDPR. Other versions like global/us etc collect more data.

Julian RO

Level 2
I asked Kaspersky on Facebook about KSCF in Romania and they said:

''Hi, Julian! Sorry for the delayed response. We would very much like to include Kaspersky Security Cloud Free in Romania as well. We cannot say exactly now if this will happen, the decision being taken internationally, depending on the total number of customers in RO. Have a nice day!"