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Aug 24, 2013
It's a simple question, I wanted to configure it to my needs, so I've only set the web browsing to maximum and everything else normal. I hope I don't overwhelm you with so much screen, but I have never used a VPN. Sorry for the dissorder in screen shots, but it takes in that way

My question is why does firewall say this or have these two ticks that I can't modify. As you can see, I have the VPN activated, I only excluded some websites and I would like to know if I have done right by excluding those or should I exclude more such as scientific journal databases, scientific research social networks, because then the emails say yes you are not in your place of origin, they are blocked just like social networks. I also don't know if I should exclude any specific application or any type of application, since all my software is original. I have seen that when you disable the VPN, the options are enabled, so what is more secure? I must activate vpn or desactivate and enable that options inf fw component. I see a roboman or someone config i am studying it



if i desactivate vpn


Here my vpn config sorry for the desorder but i can not chargue in order the screen shots.






I add my wifi of my home

Here i dont know hwats apps add

Here my websites configuration i do not know if i have to add paypal or steam app or page


Here the rest of config





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Apr 21, 2016
The two ticks you're seeing are likely default settings that Kaspersky has in place for your protection. When you enable VPN, some firewall settings may be automatically adjusted to ensure your online activities are secure.

As for excluding websites, it depends on your needs. If certain sites are blocking you because they detect you're using a VPN, you might need to exclude them. However, be aware that doing so may expose your real IP address to those sites.

Excluding applications is a similar case. If an application requires your real IP address to function properly, you might need to exclude it. But again, this could potentially expose your real IP address to the application.

In terms of security, using a VPN generally provides an extra layer of protection by masking your real IP address. Disabling VPN might enable more firewall options, but it also exposes your real IP address.

Remember, the goal is to balance security with functionality based on your specific needs.
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