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Apr 13, 2014
Features & Details
Anti-Hacking: Prevent unauthorized access & hijacking of your computer and mobile devices.
Anti-Virus: Real-time antivirus works to guard you from common threats like worms & trojans to complex ones like botnets, rootkits & rogues.
Anti-Malware: Advanced anti-malware neutralizes threats including spyware, adware, keyloggers, spear phishing & hard-to-detect fileless attacks.
Payment Protection: Works on your Mac and PC by diverting you to a bank-grade protected browser when you make an online transaction. Preventing your credit card details and financial data getting intercepted by hackers.
Kids Protection: Advanced parental controls to track, filter & protect your kids' online activities.

Kaspersky Total Security
All your security needs in one product
Get the unmatched feeling of security with award-winning protection against hackers, viruses and malware. Plus payment protection and privacy tools that guard you from every angle.
Free VPN with up to 300 MB of traffic per day
Free Kaspersky Password Manager Premium (worth $14.99)
Free Kaspersky Safe Kids Premium (worth $14.99)

Complete defense against cyberthreats
Our triple-layer protection system works 24/7 to secure your devices and data. It blocks common and complex threats like viruses, malware, ransomware, spy apps and all the latest hacker tricks.
Proactive detection—Locates device vulnerabilities & threats
Real-time protection—Blocks cyberthreats before they take hold
Instant neutralization—Isolates & removes immediate dangers

Get online privacy & freedom with VPN
Encrypt your data on risky public Wi-Fi
Hide your IP address, even from your ISP
Ensure your online actions aren't logged
Unlock content from all around the world

Protect your money, identity & privacy
Make payments via an encrypted browser
Stop identity thieves with Anti-Phishing
Secure your passwords in a private vault
Lock your Android apps with extra security


Level 12
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Apr 13, 2014
You’ll get the download, possibly a link, if memory serves me correctly, and a key from NewEgg. You can add the key to your “My Kaspersky” account anytime. The clock won’t start ticking until you enter it within the download, when you actually install it.