App Review Kaspersky vs 2000 Malware (TPSC)

It is advised to take all reviews with a grain of salt. In extreme cases some reviews use dramatization for entertainment purposes.
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Jonny Quest

Level 13
Mar 2, 2023
Even though I am a subscriber to that channel, I'm still not a fan of the bombing? technique, as I don't think it's realistic in normal daily use. Someone here had mentioned that on their side of the world, this can and does happen, so, there is that. But, I did chuckle when I saw the title :)

ForgottenSeer 103564

There are now 442k youtube members that had IQ points drastically lowered from watching this dribble. The fact he admits he just throws these together "random malware samples unvetted from the internet, probably many broken, false-positives, ect" then slamming the system as another user @Jonny Quest also pointed out is unrealistic in every way. Its lazily put together, and speaks drastically of only caring about site traffic, not the users.

I do give props for the product and system under that massive load for holding ground though, im sure every home owner will do the same exact thing, find a folder with 2,000 malware in it, and execute them in user space on the system "which is much different than detecting and defending against persistent intrusion attacks on the network, just to see what happens.

It is as bad as the FUD from the Security industry. All fear driven tactics making money from site traffic. Its sickening as it takes advantage of those that know no better. Really when you think about it, it is no better than the criminals.

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