Kaspersky VS ESET VS Emsisoft - Which offers the best protection?

  • Kaspersky Internet Security

    Votes: 68 49.3%
  • Eset Internet Security

    Votes: 25 18.1%
  • Emsisoft Antimalware

    Votes: 45 32.6%
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And apart from protection, Kaspersky is way lighter than Emsisoft based on my own personal experience. The latest performance report (Oct 17) at AV-C also validates my point.

Emsisoft has quickly become an over-rated product like Avast. Just my opinion though.
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Sorry if I sound like a fanboy but I'd pick a tweaked KIS over the other 2. Second place would definitely be Emsisoft. I think KIS, Emsisoft and Comodo are as good as it gets for home use.