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Kaspersky is too heavy and making pc slow. I will shifted to Bitdefender or ESET after 1yr licence expired. :(


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Obtaining in the future regular updates or patches or new versions from operating systems or applications or any other security suite is the best way to improve our internet security.


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Is Kaspersky still marketing their product based on year models or are they slowly moving away from 'year' to 'version numbers'. One look at the US site and I don't see any hint of 2017 being marketed on their product page (ex: Kaspersky Internet Security 2017). I know some of their product guides etc say 2017, but it seems as if they are going the Norton route. IDK though, @harlan4096 would know more about this than me. If so, version numbers make big updates sound a lot less 'rushed' or 'too early' if you put it that way.

More power to Kaspersky for being proactive.
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I'm using KTS2018TR Patch A (which admits commercial licenses, Russian installer but changing GUI to English) and is quite stable, I hope soon K2018 official installers will be available...
doesn't the GUI switch back to Russian every reboot?