LastPass master passwords may have been compromised

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Nov 10, 2017
If my understanding is right you mean that the only solution is to delete manually every password stored ?
Correctly, and i'm not sure if they keep all your passwords in their server even you delete them..

If I close/delete my account , my passwords/informations are not deleted ?
Yes the companies keep them in their server obviously i dont trust them i dont know. if you move to a new password manager from the suite then change the password on every account as email, social media, etc ASAP then put them in a new password manager as Bitwarden or 1Password or others so up to you..

Please read the article

Also the video


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Jul 3, 2015
For the average user, an online password manager is a step upward in security, because otherwise, he or she would probably use the same guessable password for a whole string of sites, and rarely change it. That's a greater security risk than the possibility of LastPass being hacked.


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Jan 6, 2022
Me sipping tea comfortably with my local password manager (KeePass), that leaks and hacks can't reach, 🍵

Having your passwords online is asking for trouble, same for having them saved on the browser and synced.
Yup. Been using KeePass for pretty well forever, through multiple incarnations and iterations, on several different platforms. Works for me.
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