Latest changes
Apr 30, 2020
Daily driver
My primary device
Operating system
Windows 10 Pro
System type
64-bit operating system; x64-based processor
Security updates
Automatically allow security and feature updates
Windows UAC
Always notify
Firewall protection
Microsoft Defender Firewall
Account privileges
Standard account
Account type
Sign in with local account
Account log-in
  • Account Password
  • Exposure to malware
    Malware samples are downloaded on a Virtual machine
    Real-time Malware protection
    Web browser:
    • F-Secure Extension
    • Bitdefender Trafficlight (Firefox)

      Native System:

    • (Primary) F-Secure Safe v17.8
    • (Secondary - Came with software) Wise Care 365/Kerish Doctor
    • (Firewall) Window FW w/ Syshardener settings and controlled via F-Secure
    • WhitelistCloud Free
    RTP configuration
    Periodic scanners
    • CCE (Comodo)
    • Malwarebyte Anti-Malware Free
    • Norton Power Eraser
    Browser and Add-ons
    Firefox Extensions:

    • ClearURLs
    • Decentraleyes
    • CanvasBlocker
    • CookieAutoDelete
    • Clear Cache
    • Adguard
    • Bitwarden
    • secret extension i can't say

    Brave Browser:
    • Nano Adblocker
    • Browsing Protection by F-Secure
    • Bitwarden
    Privacy tools and VPN
    Nano Adblocker w/ various filterlists
    Password manager
    Search engine
    Maintenance tools
    • Windscribe VPN: 1 year subscription
    • Vuze
    • Authy Desktop
    • Kerish Doctor
    • Wise 365
    • Virtual DJ
    • NVT Connections Viewer
    • WPD
    • 7-Zip
    • CDBurnerXP
    • Bluestacks
    • Revo Uninstaller
    • Syshardener
    • Run by Smartscreen (Andy Ful)
    • SUMo Pro (lifetime license)
    • WhitelistCloud Free
    Photos and Files backup
    • Aomei Backupper
    File Backup schedule
    Once or multiple times per week
    Backup and Restore
    • Aomei Backupper
    Backup schedule
    Once or more per week
    Computer Activity
  • Online banking
  • Browsing the web and checking emails
  • Testing security software using malware samples
  • Computer Specifications
    • N/A
    Your changelog
    N/A see reply on post.