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Aug 21, 2018
Windows Edition
System type
64-bit operating system; x64-based processor
Update and Security
Allow automatic security updates and manual feature updates
User Access Control
Always notify
Firewall and Network protection
Provided by a third-party security vendor
User permissions
Administrator account
User account
Malware exposure
No malware samples are downloaded
Real-time Malware protection
Comodo Firewall & Netcraft
Periodic scanners
CCE w/ Killswitch, Zemana Antimalware, Norton Power Eraser & Emsisoft Emergency Kit
Browser and Extensions
Browser: Opera (latest version) (default browser)
Extensions: Nano Blocker & Defender, SingleClick Cleaner, Cookie Autodelete, Random User-Agent, Privacy Possum, CSS Exfil Protection, Auto History Wipe, Netcraft, Script Defender & i don't care about cookies.

Browser: Comodo Ice Dragon
Extensions: Scriptsafe, uBlock Origin, ClearURLs, Behind The Overlay, Netcraft, Cookie Autodelete, Random User-Agent, Trace, Decentraleyes & CanvasBlocker

Browser: Firefox Quantum (not on current system)
Extensions: NoScript, Decentraleyes, Cookie Auto Delete, Trace, uBlock Origin, IDN Safe, CSS Exfil Protection, ClearURLs, Skip Redirect, Smart Referer, Malwarebytes, BehindTheOverlay, Ghostery, Keyboard Privacy, CanvasBlocker, Netcraft & Random User Agent
Privacy tools and VPN
Nano Blocker & Defender, Decentraleyes, Cookie Auto Delete, IBM-backed Quad9 DNS , uBlock Origin, IDN Safe, Trace, ClearURLs & other web extensions
Password manager
Search engine
Maintenance tools
O&OShutup 10, Defraggler, RevoUninstaller, SysHardener 1.5 (Evjl Rain settings) for additional system security and lockdown, procexp, Windscribe VPN Free 15GB plan, VLC Media Player, OpenOffice, 7zip, Virtual DJ Pro, CDBurnerXP, AOMEI Backupper Standard, Bleachbit, PrivaZer & Wise Care 365
Photos and Documents backup
AOMEI Backupper Standard
Data Backup Schedule
Once or multiple times per week
Backup and Restore
AOMEI Backupper Standard
Backup Schedule
Once or more per week


Level 31
Here is my Configuration, I like to think I have experience in this sort of field from testing many setups over the years. This one for personal use seems to be the best for me atm (personal opinion).

New laptop so only done 1 backup which was today. (only had the laptop one day xD)

All critiques will be taken into account, changes will be made accordingly. Thanks for reading!



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@LDogg: probably a bit overkill in resident protection -> Avast AV + OSArmor + Chekmail Anti-RW... tweaking Avast in Hardened Mode (Aggressive) and OSArmor would be enough...

I would also add a password manager tool.

Thanks for thanks Your config :)


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Great setup here @LDogg ! Nothing to add here other than maybe a password manager to manage all of the "one of a kind" passwords [what should be one of a kind passwords for all of the websites we use].

I would like to suggest another imaging program called Macrium Reflect (Free) to use in conjunction with Macrium viBoot.


Macrium Software | Macrium Reflect Free

More about Macrium viBoot:

Macrium Software | Macrium viBoot Demonstration

Both are great tools and I would highly recommend it. I use AOMEI Backupper Premium myself along with Macrium Reflect. Both are great. I use both tools just in case a image goes a little goffy, but then again I take things sometimes far and beyond most do for security reasons.

Once again, great setup!



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I'm not very confident on Password Managers due to my paranoia of LastPass being breached in the past. Which is why I prefer not to use one as of current, but I have looked at some PW Managers such as KeePass. Been using Aomei Backupper for a while, never had any trouble when an image goes goofy.

Thank you stating I have a great setup, I'll also take a look at Macrium Reflect as well.

No other changes have happened yet, I'm deciding whether to install a password manager.

Thanks, LDogg
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Recently added to my Config; Firefox Quantum. Extensions: NoScript, Avast Online Security, Adguard (with malware blocking), HTTPS Everywhere, Decentraleyes, & Cookie Auto Delete.

Is there any other vital extensions I need to know about?


Level 31
Updated 9/5/18:
  • Added O&OShutup10 Version 1.6 1396.1
  • Added Canvas Blocker & Privacy Possum to FF Quantom
  • Added Avira Browser Safety to Firefox
  • May take off Avast Browser extension

Changes will be added to config.

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Level 31
Updated: 12/05/18

Installed Opera Browser, with the following Extensions: uBlock Origin, Avira Browser Safety, Decentraleyes, UserAgent Switcher, SingleClick Cleaner & Scriptsafe. Also enabled Pop-up blocker, VPN feature & tracking/ad blocked features.

Uninstalled SRWare Iron.

UserAgent Switcher settings changed to: Mac OS, Chrome version 65. (won't give out full user agent string)

ScriptSafe options:

Fingerprint & other protections enabled:
  • Block Canvas Font Access
  • Block Browser Plugin Enumeration
  • Block WebGL Fingerprint
  • Canvas Finger Protection set to "Random Readout"
  • Referrer Spoof set to "Same document"



Level 31
- Avast Anti Virus

Removed from Firefox Quantum:
- Canvas Blocker
- Avast Online Security
- Adguard
- HTTPS Everywhere

- VoodooShield (latest version)

Added to FF Quantum:
- Trace, CyDec Platform Anti-Fingerprinting, Poper Blocker, VTZilla, uBlock Origin, IDN Safe, Pure VPN Free & Scriptsafe

Changed added to config too.



Level 52
Content Creator
Browser: Firefox Quantum
Extensions: Avira Browser Safety, Privacy Possum, NoScript, Decentraleyes, Cookie Auto Delete, Trace, CyDec Platform Anti-Fingerprinting, Poper Blocker, VTZilla, uBlock Origin, IDN Safe, Pure VPN Free & Scriptsafe.
Actually, you don't require Privacy Possum if you have Trace and CyDec. Also, Noscript (like uMatrix) is not needed unless you want to micro manage every website. Check features comparison between Privacy Possum vs Trace in post #10 below

Add-on - Privacy Possum is Privacy Badger on Steroids

FYI, if you are using a download manager then VTZilla can be removed because files downloaded by the download manager cannot be detected by VTZilla

You can add ClearURLs to remove tracking elements in URLs and Skip Redirect (with some others) as listed here


Also, use a high privacy search engine in FF like 0.9.x

One question. How do you prevent a PUP/PUA that comes bundled with your downloaded software? Sometimes the PUP/PUA software just install without asking your permission and some will install even if you say no to it. Standalone software like 'Unchecky' can detect PUP/PUA during downloading or else if you have an AV/AM that comes with malware/phishing/PUP/PUA protection

With the above and uBlock Origin (plus the right filters) Avira Browser Safety is not needed

Why you don't need Avira Browser Safety
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Level 31
Removed from FF:
- Avira Browser Safety
- Privacy Possum

Installed for Firefox Quantum
- CSS Exfil Protection
- ClearURLs
- Skip Redirect

- Unchecky
- Andyful/ConfigureDefender

I don't use any DL Manager's so that's fine by me! I may stick with DuckDuckGo for my search engine.


Evjl's Rain

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With the above and uBlock Origin (plus the right filters) Avira Browser Safety is not needed
in find that most ublock's filters are weak and outdated
only hphosts and squidblack malicious are the the only good ones in my test

moreover, using an extra extension like Norton safe web and windows defender browser protection is even lighter and faster than adding malware filters to ublock

Norton and WDBP only scan the page we visit only once when they are loaded. They are turbo lite
avira browser safety and malwarebytes are much heavier because they scan every traffic we use in realtime
ublock also filters every traffic we visit, less filters added, the faster it is