Logitech's new MX Keys Mini is a wireless, space-saving keyboard


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Aug 17, 2014
Logitech has launched a compact version of its popular MX Keys wireless keyboard for creators looking to save some space. It won’t save them money, though, as the Keys Mini comes in at the same $100 price tag as its bigger brother.

The MX Keys Mini wireless is a minimalist keyboard best suited to creators and users working on multiple platforms that are fine with paying a premium for a small, wireless keyboard or are already invested in Logitech's ecosystem.

As with the bigger MX Keys, the Mini version offers connectivity and switching with up to 3 devices at a time and support for Logitech’s Flow software for working seamlessly between macOS and Windows. Although it connects via Bluetooth and Logitech’s recently released Bolt USB receiver, the latter is an extra $15 purchase, which is disappointing given the $100 asking price for the MX Keys Mini.

The keyboard's dished keycaps use scissor-based switches and have labels for both macOS and Windows commands, though a Mac-only version is available in gray/white color combo. It's also compatible with other mainstream platforms like Linux, Android, iOS/iPadOS and Chrome OS.