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Oct 23, 2014
OS: Windows 10 - latest version
Full product name: Windows Defender(Cloud based protection and automatic sample submission must be enable) + UAC at Max
Special testing requirement: Must be on a SUA account. Click "No" on every UAC alert that the malware sample gives.

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Yes i want to see a test against Win10 native security.

Part 1

- SUA with UAC At max
- Smartscreen set to warn block
- allow softwares from Appstore only
- malware must be downloaded in the test system, not imported from other sources (that must be shown during the test).
- click "no" to any prompts.

Part 2

Using this reg tweak (implemented on Admin Account)

Blocking Unsigned Elevation :
90% of malware are unsigned and will request an elevation from UAC, this trick will block the request.
Create a registry file with this lines :

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


If successfully implemented, the next unsigned process/program; won't be allow to execute, and you will have a error box.
To re-enabled unsigned elevation , use the same line but with "dword:00000000"
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Aug 2, 2015
Full Product Name: SafeBytes Anti-Malware
Version: 2017 (latest version)
Developers Website: Company Profile - SafeBytes Anti-Malware
Special Testing Requirements: Up to the tester
It's a Canadian company and I have heard very little of them, it would be nice to see a newer product tested,
and I am curious. Thanks Testers :)

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