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Fill in the following details, if you are requesting a security product to be tested.
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Full Product Name: Bitdefender Internet Security
Version: 2016 (latest updateable version)
Developers Website:
Special Testing Requirements (Optional): Ransomware Protection, Social Network Protection, Drag-n-Drop items on Security Widget, Loggers vs SafePay


Level 8
Full Product Name: CryptoPrevent Free Edition
Version: Latest Stable Beta Version: or newer if available to date
Developers Website: CryptoPrevent Beta
Special Testing Requirements (Optional): Test Default Protection Plan, Test Default Protection Plan + Program Filtering (Beta), Test Maximum Protection Plan + Program Filtering (Beta)


I would love for someone to test just in particular cybercapture in avasts latest version of AVAST Antivirus (build number 12.1.2272) Disable hardenmode and download files off the web to see if it will actually engaged. Remember cybercapture will only work with downloading and executing files.


Full Product Name: COMODO Cloud Antivirus
Version: (latest)
Developers Website: Cloud Antivirus | Comodo Free Proactive Protection Software
Special Testing Requirements (Optional):
1 - Please find good samples. You can collect some recent samples from hub.
2 - Show default settings to users in video.
3 - Please run samples one by one.

I want to see how Comodo prevents infections.
Please do not do website filtering reivew!
Please do not make detection test, use only undetected samples for Comodo!

Thank you for this.


Level 3
Requesting Webroot Secure Anywhere review with their "Back Track" ability that showcases the ability of their "security app" to return the system to the normal status after being infected with a variant not initially detected by their system.
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Malware Tester
Full Product Name: Webroot SecureAnywhere 2016
Version: the latest version for windows.
Developers Website:
Special Testing Requirements (Optional): Protection against Zero-day Malwares - and some Ransomwares.

Thank You who do this test for me :)
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