Hi guys. I just ditched my bitdefender free AV. I had no issues with it. It was fast on my system (i3 7100, 16BGB RAM), had no nagware and was minimalist. The ONLY CONCERN I had was the space hog it had become wasting SSD space at 2.2GB.

I switched to Kaspersky but it installed the 32BIT version. I'm looking for the free x64 NON cloud KAV. Can anyone point me the link please? Try as I will I always get redirected to Kaspersky free cloud.

Thanks :)


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There is no specific x64 version of Kaspersky, it installs all the necessary x64 files and dlls in a x64 system, but the GUI service remains x86.

About the cloud version of Kaspersky Free, is not actually a "cloud product", it has all the Kaspersky Free but in this version You can even tweak the main protection modules (You can't in Kaspersky Free).


KFA (English with GRPD for UE): Index of /en-gb/kfa/ (run startup.exe)
KFA (English no GRPD for USA): Index of /en/kfa/ (run startup.exe)