Battle Looking to buy a $600 Desktop PC. Which one would you recommend?


From VoodooShield
May 31, 2017
This looks like a Lenovo workhorse! (y)
Yeah, we have clients that have been buying these by the dozen for almost 10 years now and I do not believe a single part on one has failed... except for a few hard drives ;). Building a computer would be even better but the OP did not seem to want to go that route. If it were me, I would go buy the parts, stop by the store on the way home and grab a 6 pack, then watch youtube vids on how to build a computer, then build it. Once you do, you will never buy a pre-built again. Although, sometimes the Lenovos similar to that model (below) are on sale at BestBuy for $380.00 or so... but the OP would have to add an SSD.

and its big brother is around $450 or so



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Jun 22, 2020

i only use 2 browsers, vpn, youtube video's.

i am not a gamer or a video or photo editor.

i would like an SSD.

i can not build a PC. i do not intend on trying.

thanks for replies.

Contact Microcenter and tell them what you are looking for. You can get one of their pre-build PowerSpec systems that will meet your needs. If you live in chase the rabbit land Florida, you might have to find a way to get there but otherwise, they will get you something very worthwile in the $500 to $700 range.

These systems are a real value. I have gone through multiple PowerSpec systems and they have always been good, reliable sytems.

Remember, these systems don't include monitors, keyboards or mice. So that $529 one with the i5 9500, 16 GB and 500 GB SSD might be just what you need. Or you could save up a hundred and fifty more dollars and get that i7 9700K system. It will future proof system performance for at least 5 years.

To be honest, with your computing habits even that AMD Ryzen 5 might fit the bill. You would end up a hundred or more under budget.

Best of luck to ya.